At All Strength Training, you get a comprehensive program, not just a few training sessions. We do more than just work with you during your session and then send you on your way, we give you all of the tools you’ll need to be successful in one package. Our most popular option, our Semi-Private personal training programs offer unique benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. Here’s why:


Before any of our clients begin training in a semi-private setting, they complete our introductory Foundations Package, which lays the groundwork for their future program. Upon completion, each of our clients is given a skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc) and individual training needs are assessed. Your program is designed with long-term goals in mind. With that in mind, initially a client might need to focus on corrective training first to straighten out posture, strengthen lagging muscle groups, etc. before moving on to a more traditional training program.


A training session never includes more than 4 people, so that your coach can provide more intimate attention than can ever be received in a boot camp or class setting. In addition, you will only train with clients of a similar skill level, as well as similar training needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all, we group our clients based on several factors to make sure that they get the most out of their training.

Our clients are not grouped together based solely on availability. Strength levels need not be important – as long as two people can work at the same intensity and can perform the same level of difficulty in movements, it doesn’t matter if one is squatting 75 pounds and another 250 pounds; what matters is the pace and the amount of work put forth.

“Personalized training geared to meet the needs of each client at a competitive price. Even though I usually train as a group, it always feels like a 1 on 1 session every time.” – AST Client

What’s Included in Your Monthly Training Program?

  • Semi-private personal training sessions ranging from 2-4 days per week
  • Progress Assessments – including InBody Composition Analysis and nutritional counseling bi-weekly
  • Customized warm-ups cardiovascular workouts, and supplemental workouts (to be performed on your own, if necessary)
  • Support with travel guidance including meal options, restaurants, and travel workouts
  • A team of coaches all dedicated to you and your goals
  • Unlimited telephone and email coaching support


Our semi-private pricing options start at $42/session. The price drops from there based on your frequency of sessions.

Our standard Semi-Private training sessions are 30 minutes (60-minute options are available based upon client need).  Our Integrative Semi-Private training programs are as follows:

2x/week (8 sessions per month) $42/session billed monthly
3x/week (12 sessions per month) $40/session billed monthly
4x/week (16 sessions per month) $38/session billed monthly
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