For those who desire one-on-one training sessions, or for clients whose goals and needs extend beyond our Semi-Private training options, we offer full service private personal training programs. Here is what is included:

Complete Customization

As with our semi-private programs, before any of our clients begin training in a private setting, they complete our introductory Foundations Package, which lays the groundwork for their future program. A training program is then developed based on your needs, whether it be more traditional fat loss or muscle gain programs, or something more specialized, such as:

  • Prenatal/postnatal
  • Injury rehabilitation/prevention
  • Sport-specific training
  • Physique Competition or photo shoot preparation
  • Advanced training programs for more experienced trainees who have already made significant advancements toward their ultimate goal

What’s included in your monthly training program?

  • Private personal training sessions ranging from 2-4 days per week
  • Progress Assessments including body fat measurements and nutritional counseling (done bi-weekly)
  • Customized warm-ups, cardiovascular workouts, and supplemental workouts (to be performed on your own, if necessary)
  • Support with travel guidance including meal options, restaurants, and travel workouts
  • A team of coaches all dedicated to you and your goals
  • Unlimited telephone and email coaching support

We only have a select number of spots available for Private Personal training clients, please inquire if you are interested in our Private Training option.  Private Training is available in 30-minute and 60-minute options, schedule permitting.

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