As part of our semi-private and private training programs, we perform an in-depth body composition analysis through the InBody 570, a non-invasive testing method using bioidentical electrical impedence testing, and providing both your nutrition coach and you with the following information:

  • Body Composition Analysis – allowing for a breakdown of total weight into body fat mass, dry lean mass (skeleton), muscle tissue, and water stored both in the muscles and under the skin
  • Muscle-Fat Analysis – total weight, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat mass, and how your values compare to optimal ranges (based on data from the World Health Organization)
  • Obesity Analysis – a comparison of Body Mass Index (a measure of height and weight) and Percent Body Fat, and how your values compare to optimal ranges
  • Segmental Lean Analysis – an evaluation of where your muscle is stored in each leg and arm as well as the trunk, how your current level of muscle compares to optimal ranges, and whether there are any imbalances between the left and right sides of your body in muscle development
  • Water Analysis – how much water is under your skin and outside of your muscle tissue compared to your body’s total water, which can act as an indicator of dehydration, inflammation, or elevated body fat
  • Segmental Fat Analysis – similar to the Segmental Lean Analysis, this shows where your body fat is stored; multiple measurements over time allow you to see where you are gaining or losing body fat
  • Basal Metabolic Rate – an estimate of the minimum caloric intake your body requires to meet base needs, projected based on the amount of current muscle you have
  • Visceral Fat Level – measures the fat stored around your internal organs, a large predictor for increased health risk

For a thorough breakdown of the analysis, click the video below:

For more information on the InBody Composition Analysis, click here to contact our staff and schedule an appointment. The InBody Composition Analysis is included in our monthly training options or available as an individual service for non-members.