Client Spotlight: Chad

chad 3

What first brought you to AST? How is AST different from other gyms you have been to?

I tried everything before I walked in to All Strength Training. Body for Life, P90X, Crossfit, more Men’s Health workouts than I can count. Maybe it was all the bad trainers I saw in the commercial gyms I’ve belonged to, but I never valued personal training. I thought I could do it on my own. I blamed my lack of results on my lack of self discipline or my genetics. After all these false starts, I finally realized that I valued expertise in every other area in my life. I was lucky enough to live near AST and after stalking the website for several weeks I made my first appointment.

Right away AST was different. My first few workouts were the hardest I had ever worked out, but they were also some of the most encouraging. All of the coaches make you believe you can push yourself farther than you thought was possible. They make sure you are improving week over week and won’t let you cheat on form. It was also the most comprehensive nutrition counseling I’ve ever had. While, I’ve tried ‘meal plans’ in the past I have never had anyone review my results and compare them to what I was eating. I’m exponentially better with my nutrition now. I feel like I can accurately estimate what my bi-weekly check-in results will be based on how I have eaten.

Having struggled with consistency in training in the past, how does AST keep you accountable?

There is no way to answer this question with a single answer. So I’ll share some of the many reasons:

Results: AST is the only thing I have tried that has produced results.

chad before after

Nutrition check-ins and measurements: These bi-weekly “therapy” sessions are so impactful for me. I take advantage of these sessions to share everything with Zach and when necessary get back on track.

Coaches: All of the coaches know the clients individually. They know any nagging issues, and they know what areas to focus on. I leave every 30-60 minute session feeling that I just spent time with someone who truly cares about my health and fitness.

People: The community at AST is truly special. Everyone is so supportive and non-judgemental.

What are 3 things on your bucket list?

#1 I have some very specific targets for weight and bodyfat that are essentially add 10lbs of muscle and be at single digit bodyfat. This is all in my quest to have “Brad Pitt in Fight Club Abs”
#2 I want my son to grow up in a household where prioritizing health and fitness is normal
#3 I’m an amateur wood worker and I would love to learn how to build doors and replace all the doors in my house with my own hand made doors.

chad 1

If you could leave one exercise stranded on a desert island, never to be done again, what would it be?

The obvious choices include anything invented by Eastern Europeans or using a single leg. For me my biggest challenge is with tricep bench dips. They are uncomfortable, painful and after about 5 of them my brain is screaming at me that “You should not be doing this to yourself!”. I’m sure there is value in this awful movement, but I am not sure it is worth the pain. (Editor’s note: triceps are awesome Chad so get to dipping!)

Anything else that you would like to add?

It’s difficult to express how important I consider AST to my health and fitness. I think the best is example is 2 years ago we were looking to move into a bigger place. One of my main criteria was that we find a place that continued to be convenient to AST. I needed to be sure that I could keep this amazing gym and community in my life. While I used to be able to walk to AST in 10 mins and now it is a 10 min drive I continue to show up 3-4 times a week every week.

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