Client Spotlight: Andryea

Andryea client spotlight

Finding my way to AST…

I have for a long time believed that eating right and exercising is like a health insurance policy. You just do it and have it. It’s money well spent. After breaking up from the last trainer/coach/gym/program, I knew I needed something and was in the ‘waiting-to-see-what-happens’ phase when a friend who started training at AST invited me in for the free trial. That was 4+ years ago.

The reasons why I’ve stayed with AST…

The #1 reason is Zach and Christine. I love their leadership and the way they’ve structured their business. From my perspective, AST is run with a strong cooperative family spirit, built on hard work, honesty and a solid foundation of excellent information, adaptable execution and visible results. It’s also clear that their skills complement one another.  Zach is the brains behind the science of the human body and how it functions; he’s a master creating workouts that push (or punish?) us for 30 minutes at every session (secretly I think he loves torturing us. He is a complete nerd about nutrition/diet/supplementation/digestion (the guy LIKES reading test results!?!), and the go-to- guy when body parts are hurting. Christine is the powerhouse behind the people there. She runs a tight ship with efficient systems, clear expectations and a lot of love. While I don’t see much of her week to week her fingerprint is everywhere: communications, social media, procedures, scrunchies and tampons! She is also a valuable resource for nutritional information and guidance, meal planning and prep tips and inspiration on top of providing ready-to-eat meals that are ample and tasty. There was a time when all I needed was the plan and the shopping list… Christine to the rescue. Between the two of them, AST is one complete package.

More reasons…

  1. Bi-weekly nutritional consultations. They used to be called bio-sigs. It’s where Zach would pinch you all over to get the pulse on the composition of your body. We now get the same results painlessly with InBody, a scale type apparatus, that does the same thing plus prints a readout and gives a more comprehensive assessment. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with these but regardless it’s a VALUABLE ASSET to achieving results you after.
  2. The workouts themselves. I believe that when you commit yourself to something you do the best you can. Why waste the time or money, right? So, when I go to the gym I go to get it done by putting everything I have into it. Call me an overachiever but for me it’s all about getting the biggest bang for the buck. When I learned that sessions were typically 30 minutes, I thought, ‘Yeah, this is good!’
  3. The other trainers…all of them (mostly). Several have come and gone but ALL were carefully chosen from, what I imagine, is a really large field. I have been on the sidelines when Zach and Christine were interviewing and geez, they put those guys to the test. Scott and Jackie–the two I train with now–are attentive, skilled and adaptive on the floor. They know how to count and know when to push!

All Strength Training pullover

Bucket List:

  1. Get dancing again
  2. Fill a gallery with my artwork
  3. Live in a beautiful house on an equally beautiful body of water…somewhere beautiful.

ocean view

If you could get rid of one exercise, what would it be?

Leg lifts with that damn red balance ball