What’s On Your Playlist? Part 2

We’re back with part 2 of “What’s On Your Playlist?”, this time with AST Operations Manager Julie Flynn.

My workout playlists probably routinely coincide with America’s Top 40, some of which I have included, but there are always a couple songs that I have to throw into the mix. For me, a workout song has to be perfect to make the list otherwise I’ll spend my entire workout trying to find the next button on my armband. My main concern with workout music is MOTIVATION. It needs to have a good beginning that immediately makes you want to smile at yourself in the mirror, pick up the weight and say, “I can do this.”

Ellie Goulding – Lights

The theme for most of my selections is if I have a build-up and can sing to the song, it gets me through the set and helps me forget about how heavy the weight is or how much my legs are burning.

Spice Girls – Stop

Have to have some Girl Power music on there… Who better than the Spice Girls?

Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa – Payphone

One of my current favorites. I’m a sucker for Adam Levine and it also makes me laugh to hear Siri on the iPhone say “Wiz Khalifa”

David Guetta ft. Usher – Without You

Great build-up and good beat. I have most of David Guetta’s mixes on my workout playlist.

Phoenix – Listomania

This also my ringtone and has been for a couple years. The beat makes me happy, and the best thing for me about working out is to take a break from the real world and give yourself a reason to smile no matter how your day is going.