Quick Tip: Pre-Workout Nutrition for Early Morning Training

It’s important not to strength train on an empty stomach, but it’s also difficult to eat steak and almonds an hour before your workout if you train before the sun is even up. If you can’t get up early enough to have a good meal with real food prior to your session, we recommend this:

  • 8-12oz of black organic coffee
  • 1tbsp organic coconut oil
  • 1/2tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2tsp raw organic cacao powder (optional)
  • 10-30g BCAA Excellence 2.0

Mix the coffee, oil, cinnamon and cacao (if desired) and take your BCAA caps with a separate glass of water.  Ladies should take 10-15 caps, and men should take 20-30 caps.  Powdered BCAA is also permissible but unflavored BCAA tastes like battery acid and is not recommended.

Just make sure you finish about 10 minutes prior to your training and you’re good to go!