Guest Blog: The Fork is Mightier than the Dumbbell

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I figured the next entry in my blog is long overdue and the timing seems very appropriate. Since my last update, I had lost an additional 4% body fat (down to ~18%), but have gained some of it back. Success and then some failure… what happened? Read on…

The month of April was a very good month for me – I had successfully finished the 14-day no carb challenge, my workouts were thriving, and friends/family had started noticing a physical change in me. My biosigs were showing consistent progress, my eating habits were down to a formula…and then things took a different turn: I bought a new place (stress levels increased), I got swamped at the office (sleep and food started to struggle), and I had a big family reunion/wedding (food, sleep and stress trifecta), all back to back. Needless to say the month of May was a crappy one; I even had to take a few weeks off from coming to my training sessions.

What I’ve learned in the last month or so is that stress impacts my sleeping patterns, and forces me to run towards comfort food. What I’ve also gained is a new appreciation for the fork…yes, the fork. It’s as simple as garbage in/garbage out. Feed your body clean, healthy food and it will react very positively. Conversely, feeding your body garbage will not only show in your bio-sigs and training floor, but also impact the rest of your daily life. In my case, recently I have been feeling tired and lethargic.
Here are a few tips on making sure that your next bio-sig is a great one:

1. Don’t fool yourself – In a previous life I used to tell myself: “Come Monday, I will start eating extreme healthy.”…by Wednesday, I would be craving some crap meal and by Thursday I would have given in. Changing your eating habits takes time. Even after falling off the wagon the last few weeks, I gave myself one full week to get back to a healthy plate. Start off with eating three healthy meals and allowing your fourth to be a “regular” meal. Don’t set yourself up for failure and add unnecessary stress.

2. Do the 14-day no carb challenge – I dropped somewhere between 2-3% body fat in two weeks. It’s not THAT hard. You can do it.

3. Start your day with the meat/nut breakfast – It takes a few days of getting used to, and you feel energetic the rest of the day. I personally prefer ground beef with spices and a handful of raw cashews.

4. Look forward towards your meals: Make mealtime a happy, enjoyable process. If you go into it with a negative attitude, you WILL fail. Make meals that are Paleo approved, but also excite you on a personal level.

5. Be prepared – Go to the grocery store at a time when you are not rushed, and cook for the week during the weekend. Place everything in Ziploc/Tupperware so it’s easy to grab-n-go when the week gets busy.

6. Water, Water Water….drink lots of it. I try to drink about 3-4 liters a day.