"Workouts are fun, varied and always a kick in the pants!"
-Colleen H.

"...the staff here really really knows their stuff about giving you a complete lifestyle change that includes nutrition and a regular check of your body measurements.
-Kathleen G.

" In about 4 months of training, I've knocked just under a half-hour off of my triathlon completion time.
-Chris S.

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BioSignature Hormone Analysis can help you lose weight and build muscle fast by identifying what hormones are making you store fat in problem areas. Combine with our straightforward nutrition support programs and you can't lose!

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A Reaction to the Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Read tracy-janice

Proof that success and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.

Wishes, Wants & Needs wishes

Some spend their time waiting for the genie in the bottle to appear, while others would rather make their own magic.

Quick Tip: Eat the Right Fruit for the Best Body Comp berries-grapes-kiwi

All of the fruit, all of the time, or none of the fruit, none of the time? Why does it have to be all or nothing?